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úterý 21. února 2012

The Vow Movie

I know I haven´t been a good blogger - ever, but I am procrastinating as much as I can right now, because I just really don´t want to do that stupid presentation on Party attachments and loyalties...
So I was going over my pictures from my boyfriend's visit in Plymouth- which seemed super short- but we had amazing time. And I just remembered when we went to see this movie THE VOW for Valentine's Day, even though we went on Monday because cinema on actual Valentine's Day is super crowded.
Anyway he is the best guy ever! He probably did not even wanted to see it, because it seemed cheesy from the trailer, but he agreed on it anyway and when there is a scene when she wakes up and she doesn't remember anything he leaned to me and said "When a guy like Channing Tatum says that he is your husband, you don't ask silly questions, you just go with it!"
I think it was super funny and sweet of him, because I like Channing and talk about him on multiple ocassions and not many guys would have done that...
So much for my terrible creative writing for a day, but I promise I will be blogging more often as finals are coming up and as of lately I have been much of a procrastinator!!!

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